A blog post I wish I didn’t have to write

ICYMI on LinkedIn or Facebook, Ron Anderson, godfather of Minneapolis advertising, has Alzheimer’s.

According to Matt Anderson, “His memories of his career, family and friends have faded significantly over the past two years. However, it’s always a great day when you can still see some of the old Ron still in him.

“Recently Bruce Schultz stopped by to visit Ron and brought some copies of ads they worked on together for the Billy Graham account.

“It’s good to see fragments of those memories still bring a smile to his face.”


Bruce Schultz writes:

“I didn’t know what to expect because his dementia has progressed. I decided to bring an old-school portfolio to go through some work.

“His eyes lit up and I’m nearly certain he recognized me.

“He studied each piece and commented, although his comments were at times hard to decode. He obviously enjoyed talking about the work.

“He seemed to be trying to reconnect the old circuitry. But even so he’s still that kind and gracious person who has been a blessing to so many.

“At one point, we locked eyes and I thanked him for all those he encouraged along the way.

“With a glint in his blue eyes he said, ‘Thank you.’”

Bruce Schultz visits Ron


  1. I worked with Ron back in the seventies – the glory years – with Virg Viner, Nancy Rice, Dick Thomas, Tom McElligott, Pat Burnham, and the rest of the gang. Learned so much from Ron. In fact, he gave me the encouraging words I needed to start my own ad agency, which lasted more than twenty years!

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    1. Thank you, Gerry, (aka Laura Childs) for taking the time to visit our liddle WP site and comment!


  2. ‪Bob Warren‬ · · Reply

    Ron Anderson, as I’m sure he was for everyone he came in contact with, did far more than make me a better creative person than I came into the office being, every day.

    He totally influenced my career in terms of his drive, enthusiasm, overwhelming optimism and amazing people skills.

    Most importantly, he made me a better human being.

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