Ron Anderson + Tom Hanks’ movie, “Big”

Anyone who has seen the 1988 Tom Hanks’ movie Big can appreciate the grandiose surroundings that those of us at Bozell New York enjoyed.

A former department store, the interior boasted a towering atrium, sky-high Corinthian columns, a professional kitchen replete with a full-time chef, and several presentation theaters.

Best of all the building was occupied by talented, friendly, dedicated professionals. It was a home we were all proud of.

Sadly, at least for me, Ron Anderson chose not to take up full-time residence in NYC. But when he made his regular visits vibrancy superseded anything that was already present.

He would stroll the corridors on the third floor chatting to his creative team, and then wander throughout the other floors re-engaging with everyone. His gentle, caring demeanor inspired us all.

Film Set For Tom Hanks Movie Big

PHOTO CAPTION: Screenshot from Bozell Corporate Video (1990)

View “Bozell’s Catching Fire” directed by Julius Weil.


  1. Rex Anderson · · Reply

    I walked by the building on 23rd a few years back and noticed it had become a Home Depot. I don’t know why that made me a little sad, probably because time moves on and there’s nothing I can do about it.


  2. Neal Sherman · · Reply

    Bruce, I remember when they were shooting the movie in our office and Penny Marshall was running all around. Maybe you remember they had a drawing that one of the Bozell employees would have a walk-on part. The winner was Jack Segall in Print Production. Every time they show this film on TV I think about those days at Bozell on the 2nd and 3rd floors!


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