Her name? Amy Krouse Rosenthal. (She was just 51 years old.) If you’ve never heard of her, google her now. (I can wait.) So why am I writing about her here? Two reasons: Very few (if any) of Google’s search results mention her advertising career I firmly believe the freelance agency she founded, Boy & […]

For any Millennials reading this and saying, Sean Fitzpatrick? What’d he do?” haha, I’m glad you asked! To find out GO HERE.

Today on Good Morning America, I saw a segment about yet another YOU TUBE video that’s gone viral. This one encourages Super Bowl visitors to bring their “coats, hats and gloves” to Sunday’s game and was created by students at the Franklin Middle School in Minneapolis. (It’s cute and worth a click.) And then I […]

ICYMI on LinkedIn or Facebook, Ron Anderson, godfather of Minneapolis advertising, has Alzheimer’s. According to Matt Anderson, “His memories of his career, family and friends have faded significantly over the past two years. However, it’s always a great day when you can still see some of the old Ron still in him. “Recently Bruce Schultz […]

It was my first month at Bozell/NY and probably Ron’s third month since moving from Minneapolis. My partner, award-winning copywriter Mike LaMonica, and I had just shared (with Ron’s blessing) a new campaign for SEVENTEEN magazine with the Account team. It was a short meeting. The top person said “Well, I don’t like it. And […]

Don’t know who deserves credit for this elegant visual solution. Do know I love it!