Remembering the godfather of Minneapolis advertising – part 2

WHEN PAUL ASAO LEARNED Ron Anderson was battling the early stages of Alzheimer’s, he went to visit him.

“Ron remembered people and events from the past,” Paul said afterwards. But did have difficulty remembering some names.”

To help jog Ron’s memory, Paul had an idea he shared with ad folks on Facebook: “Let’s create a short video thanking Ron for the impact he’s had on our lives.”

Creating such a video isn’t easy. There are a lot of steps:

  • Put out a call for video thank you messages
  • Wait for submissions
  • Put out another call for video messages
  • Wait some more
  • Catalog each video and extract the best parts
  • Do a quick rough cut
  • Experiment with different background music
  • Fine-tune the cut and mix the final audio

No doubt Mr. Asao invested a lot of time creating this video.

Did he get the response he was hoping for?

“My only hope was that Ron would see all these familiar faces and it might spark a memory of how many people he impacted over his career,” Paul said. “I remember him smiling and laughing and to me that was reward enough.”

Watch this beautiful two minute video and I think you’ll smile and laugh too!

PS. Thank you, Tom Weyl, Bob Barrie, Craig Tanimoto, Ron Wachino, Leila McGrath, Doug DeGrood, Kerry Casey, and David Bell for sharing your memories!

L-R: Sue Crolick, Paul Asao, and Ron Anderson in 2014 after screening the world premiere of “Thank You, Ron”

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