Meet some of Ron Anderson’s “kids”

Ron Anderson and a new generation of ad creatives

Long-time creative mentor and Bozell Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Ron Anderson, with some of his “kids.”

I found this captionless photo on page 3 of an 8-page newspaper titled Amazing Ad World News published on December 19, 2000 in Minneapolis.

So I shared it with the Bozell Alumni Group on LinkedIn and asked, “Do you recognize anyone?”

Thank you, Steve Centrillo, Jim Courtright, Gayle Dieck, Mike Gustafson, and Kurt Tausche for helping me tag this historical pic so quickly!


  1. Matt Anderson · · Reply

    I have more brothers and sisters than I thought!!


    1. Hey Matt, don’t forget to count all of your “stepbrothers” and “stepsisters” not pictured above—folks like me who’ve never met Ron but emulate him b/c we work with one of your “brothers” or “sisters.” YSK my boss often begins a sentence with these words: “I remember the time Ron Anderson…”


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