Arguably it was the greatest ad school ever

Arguably it was the greatest ad school in the world

BOZELL MINNEAPOLIS CREATIVE DEPARTMENT (L-R) Doug de Grood, Dick Briner, Lisa Clearlite, Steve De Lorme, Bert Gardner, Dick Thomas, Jamie Carlson, Pat Swifka, Craig Tanimoto, and Mike Gustafson.

(This creative department summer internship poster comes from Ron Anderson’s andvertising flat files.)

BODYCOPY: The Minneapolis office of Bozell Advertising is once again offering a creative department summer internship for students. The copywriter and art director selected will spend 10 weeks working side-by-side with seasoned pros, doing real ads for real clients. To apply, send 5 to 10 nonreturnable samples of your best print advertising work to: Lisa Clearlite, Bozell, Butler Square, 100 North 6th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403. (Be sure to specify whether you’re a copywriter or an art director.) Your application should be received before May 29, 1989 and should include a phone number and address where you can be reached during the first two weeks of June. The Bozell creative department summer internship. It’s for your own good.

Creative Credits  |  CW: Doug de Grood  |  AD: Mike Gustafson  |  Photographer: Chris Grajczyk

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