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Ron Anderson + Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Found this Cannes Lion Award Winning public service announcement (PSA) on an old Bozell reel. I’m sharing it for two reasons: (1) It’s more than a quarter century old yet it could run today. (And would probably be the best PSA on the air.) (2) This testimonial isn’t real. It’s a riveting performance by a young actor […]

Arguably it was the greatest ad school ever

BOZELL MINNEAPOLIS CREATIVE DEPARTMENT (L-R) Doug de Grood, Dick Briner, Lisa Clearlite, Steve De Lorme, Bert Gardner, Dick Thomas, Jamie Carlson, Pat Swifka, Craig Tanimoto, and Mike Gustafson. (This creative department summer internship poster comes from Ron Anderson’s andvertising flat files.) BODYCOPY: The Minneapolis office of Bozell Advertising is once again offering a creative department summer […]

12 things you should know about Ron’s buddy, Bert Gardner

Bert was the son of a traveling salesman who took his family along via a travel trailer that would be stationed in roadside campgrounds. By age 16, he had lived in 47 different states. As a boy, he fashioned a radio from an oatmeal box and wire, and a love of storytelling blossomed as he enjoyed […]