Ron Anderson’s “Best Advertising Campaign in the World”

SUSAN MORRIS, AN ASPIRING COPYWRITER ON MICHIGAN AVENUE, SEZ: I have a 10-page xeroxed copy of Ron Anderson’s ad club speech titled “RISK.” He made it about 25 years ago. I wasn’t there. But I’m assuming Mr. Anderson saved his best stuff for last. So I'm sharing the last two pages here.
Ron Anderson. Godfather of Minneapolis Advertising.

Godfather of Minneapolis Advertising.

FINALLY, I’d like to tell you about Poppin’ Fresh Pies. They have six major markets. In the Upper Midwest. Currently going by the name, “Baker’s Square.”

The truth to tell? The only thing they had going for them was their pie.

But that was extraordinary. That was the consumer benefit. That was the hook. That was the halo in which we wanted to create a feeling of quality food throughout the restaurant.

Nonetheless, we had to take the risk of going away from the pie and concentrating on what wasn’t perceived as the best food.

The fact of the matter was they wouldn’t be able to make the nominal numbers necessary to continue in business on pie alone. It was mandatory and necessary they develop their family-sit-down food business.

We knew we had to sell food. But we couldn’t move away from the very important consumer hook of great pies. So we developed this series of commercials.

The results?

In a tough economic year, a 15% sales increase over unadvertised markets.

And for the Agency, awards from the Andys, Clios, and New York Art Director Club. Plus the International Broadcasting Award for THE BEST CAMPAIGN IN THE WORLD.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we must take risks. We must be the leaders. We must carry out the entrepreneurial spirit of all those who have gone before us.

Art Director: RON ANDERSON


  1. Connie Rifenburg · · Reply

    I worked at Bozell and Jacobs and have one of the annual water color Christmas cards that was made by Ron Anderson. I have many good memories of Christmas Parties, and I worked on the Swiss Miss Account as well as others. 1978-1980

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    1. Connie, thank you sooo much for sharing your memories. Quick question: would it be possible to take a picture of the card and share it?


  2. I’d like to say ‘Hello” to Ron. I worked at Bozell in the 80s as a Typographer. I think he may remember me. Madhu Dhas. (The Elvis Impersonater)

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    1. Matt Anderson · · Reply

      Hi Madhu! Dad remembers you well (as do I from the CPS days), we even have a couple of your cassettes from back in the day. I hope all is well with you! – Matt Anderson

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  3. […] the time they split up, they were doing some incredible work for Poppin’ Fresh restaurants, which is the only TV campaign I know of that won top honors in every single award show on the face […]


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