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Giving people the freedom to fail

Ron Anderson, the godfather of Minneapolis advertising, got the best out of his people by giving them freedom to fail

Ron Anderson’s Creative Philosophy

Ron loooved this ad. Probably because it expresses his POV so clearly. For those who can’t read the tiny type at the bottom of the ad, here’s what it says: YOU CAN’T SAVE A BAD IDEA WITH GOOD EXECUTION. Creative Credits: Art Director: Dick Lemmon Writer: Dick Lemmon Client: Dick Lemmon Artist: Charles Hughes

Ron Anderson, mentor

Top Five Traits of Pretty Good Creative People

Q: Mr. Anderson, you have an impressive hiring record. Exactly what do you look for in a creative person? A: Five traits. Probably in this order: INSATIABLE CURIOSITY | The best creative people are aware. They have a need to know what’s going on. They want to know why it works. And how it works. They […]