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Ron Anderson and Litton Microwave Ovens

Litton Microwave Ovens was a Bozell/Minneapolis client and a difficult client at that. We’d had several different teams working on it and we’re getting nowhere. So Ron put himself and Bert Gardner on it, as well as teaming me with Tom Donovan. We all rode out to Litton in Ron’s car, with a layout case […]

Ron Anderson's advertising art tools

what Ron is doing today

You can see Ron Anderson’s paintings here. (JSYK, “Oreo” is my favorite.)

Yes, Creative Awards Are Important

From 1988 to 1992, I “rode the rails” to/from NYC with Ron Anderson. (We both lived in Ridgewood, NJ.) One day I said, “I heard you’ve won every creative award. Twice.” Ron said something like, “Awards are a pretty good way to measure how well you’re doing. You can learn a lot from studying award […]

1958 NY Art Directors Annual

“My AHA! Moment” by Ron Anderson

It was Wichita, Kansas. It was my first job. And it was the first time I’d ever seen an award annual. This is that book. It turned out to be the first textbook in my post-graduate education in advertising. Because it provided me with the education, the inspiration, and the challenge that I could get […]

Ron Anderson and a new generation of ad creatives

Meet some of Ron Anderson’s “kids”

I found this captionless photo on page 3 of an 8-page newspaper titled Amazing Ad World News published on December 19, 2000 in Minneapolis. So I shared it with the Bozell Alumni Group on LinkedIn and asked, “Do you recognize anyone?” Thank you, Steve Centrillo, Jim Courtright, Gayle Dieck, Mike Gustafson, and Kurt Tausche for […]

Ron Anderson hires Tom McElligott

Quite possibly the most understated moment in the history of modern day advertising

After my formal education at the University of Wichita, newly married, degree in hand, I had to decide where to ply my trade. The obvious answer was New York City. After all, it was 1961—the creative revolution was in full steam. I was already doing my postgraduate work, in a sense, by correspondence. Every year […]

Ron Anderson, the godfather of Minneapolis advertising takes home another “Best of Show” Award

August 21, 1985

Tonight at International Market Square, the Advertising Federation of Minnesota 1985 Silver Medal Award will be presented to Rolland R. “Ron” Anderson, President of Bozell & Jacobs/Midwest. This annual award recognizes a lifetime of achievement in advertising, a significant contribution to one’s company, a distinct creative ability, and an outstanding community service record. Ron Anderson […]

Ron Anderson moved to Minneapolis in 1962

Meet Ron Anderson

In 1962, Ron Anderson moved from Kansas to Minneapolis. The rest, as they say, is history.